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Planning is the power behind the creation of your dream wedding in real life.
We are committed to making everything you wished for, happen and wouldn’t let your inability to offer enough time to your wedding planning come in the way of your wishes.
To save you some time and effort as you go around looking for the perfect wedding planner for you, we did some research and bring to you a list of the best wedding planners in Kolkata to choose from.
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Types of Weddings
Not everyone requires the same type of wedding planning service. Some people hire wedding planners to look after their entire wedding while others hire wedding planners to plan parts of the wedding.
This different types of needs by people have made wedding planners in Kolkata divide their services into three categories - Full wedding planning service, partial wedding planning service and consultants.

Full Wedding Planning:
Under this type of wedding planning service, the wedding planners commit himself/herself completely to the wedding. Everything from scratch to the very end of the wedding ceremony is planned by the wedding planner. Once you opt for full-time wedding planning service, you do not need to worry about any wedding preparation, all is taken care of by the planner.

Partial Wedding Planning:
Some might be able to plan some parts of the wedding while for the others, they need assistance. They get this assistance in the form of partial wedding planning service. Under this category, the wedding planner provides the service he/she is being paid for and charges for it. The planner has no say in any other wedding preparations.

Pre-wedding plans like budgeting or selection of venues might sometimes require a bit of professional advice. To seek this professional advice couples like to consult wedding consultants. These wedding consultants offer their advice in the process of your wedding planning.


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